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Connect the Dots

CYC Competencies Connected to Search Institute
40 Developmental Assets

Connecting the Dots is a significant effort to bring research informed understanding of assets into more general use across the field of child and youth work practice by creating a cross-walk to the CYC Certification Competencies.  As such, it will benefit practitioners in early childhood, juvenile justice, after school, disabilities, congregate and foster care, child welfare, education, and many other settings. This work was undertaken by the Bartholomew County Council for Youth Development in collaboration with CYCCB.  This is an effort to invest in a future where children, youth, and families are served by CYC professionals who benefit from the sharing of our best ideas across all settings.

Connecting the Dots is intended to serve as a reference document for practitioners and program managers in the child and youth care field. You will find each of the CYCCB Competencies listed in a table. Then, to the right, notation of which Developmental Assets can be associated with that Competency, including the asset type (External or Internal), the asset category, and finally the specific Developmental Asset(s) name.

The document can inform individual practice by affirming that efforts to use the Competencies also build child and youth assets. It can also recognize organizations seeking support for their program efforts by showing funders and supporters how use of professional child and youth care workers, grounded in the CYC Competencies, increases the likelihood for program success in enhancing the fundamental building blocks of positive youth development.

The complete document is available for download and can be reprinted and used without further permission if citation of source and copyright is included.

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