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OACYC Expands Student Amplifiers Higher Ed Initiative

The Student Amplifier Committee of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors (OACYC) started in 2016. Theresa Fraser, former board member, and association executive had the idea to connect students more to the OACYC and the board.  She wanted students in Ontario to be aware of their professional association and their connection to professionalism, ethics, advocacy, and other CYC-Ps.

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OACYC invites each post-secondary institution in Ontario that provides CYC education to have representation on the Ontario Student Amplifier Provincial Committee. Each institution is invited to nominate two students.  Post-Secondary Education programs that have four-year programs are invited to nominate three amplifiers.

The amplifiers started with 8 students from 6 different colleges in the first year.  In 2017/2018, they increased to 27 amplifiers from 13 different colleges/universities. The most recent Student Amplifier team (2018/2019) consisted of 34 amplifiers from 15 colleges/universities.

The role of Student Amplifiers is to be a connecting voice between CYC students and the OACYC.  The OACYC represents both graduated CYC’s and those currently engaged in formal education. The Student Amplifier program was established to both share information about the OACYC with post-secondary students and faculty, as well as bring student voices back to the OACYC.

Amplifiers complete presentations at the college level, promote association membership at job fairs as well as participate in Provincial Conferences. They can support student inquiries and collaborate with the OACYC to address these. Their experience in the Amplifier program also prepares them for future committee and board work both with their own association and others.  

The OACYC will continue to strive to bring student voices into the association because they believe in CYC students and the importance of providing them with the awareness of their professional association as they transition into the profession.

OACYC is a partnering association of CYCCB.  Members are encouraged to certify at the CYC-P level.  For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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